P2P filesharing client based on eMule


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Although we might think it is a new application, we can say that aMule has been offering an alternative for P2P filesharing users. As you know, eMule has been really successful , it could be compared to napster, everybody used it.. until aMule appeared and offered an alternative.

aMule is based on eMule and offers a more simplified and structured interface, although the main options are practically the same.

The first thing we should emphasize is that it doesn't need to be installed, so it becomes a portable application. When we run aMule we find a very similar interface, although the settings and advanced options are grouped in a different way.

We all know that sometimes we don't like how our P2P client is working and we want to try a new one, if you are thinking about the change, give it a try. It works very good and you won't be disappointed.
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